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Peace of Mind Pet Sitting provides a professional, reliable Dog care service.

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Peace of Mind Pet Sitting can visit your dog while you are out at work or out of the house for an extended time. We can give medication, feed and put down fresh water. We can also let them out for a toilet break or take them for a walk, play with them and of course give lots of love and attention. In short they will be treated like one of our own pets.

This is particularly helpful with elderly dogs or for puppys who need more attention.

For other dogs then a dog walk or doggy day care may be appropriate.

As always we are flexible and tailor our service to your needs.


Visits last for 45 minutes and we will:

  • Let your dog out for a toilet break
  • Play with them
  • Walk them (if required)
  • Feed them (if required)
  • Give medication (if required)


Peace of Mind Pet Sitting can walk your dog to your requirements for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. We will always walk dogs on their lead. Your dog is always walked individually, unless you have two dogs of course. This ensures that your dog gets one to one time, quality time with us which we feel is very important for them. Your dog will get lots of attention, love and care and will be treated as if it were one of our own.


As part of the walk we will:

  • Provide quality individual time
  • Put down fresh water
  • Give treats to your requirements
  • We will rub down your dog if they get wet (Please provide a towel)


If you need your dog cared for during the day while you are at work or away from home during the day Peace of Mind Pet Sitting can help.

Your dog can visit one of our sitters or we can visit your dog in your home.

When your dog visits one of our professional sitters they will give your dog the love, care and attention that it deserves and be treated as one of their family. Your dog will be walked and feeding can be taken care of if that is required. Visits to our sitters are usually intended to cover the working day but we are flexible so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

When one of our caring sitters visits your dog in your home, they will spend quality one to one time with your dog. We would stay one and half hours, take your dog for a walk, play and give lots of love and care. Also included in this time would be putting down fresh water, feeding and/or medication if required.


Doggy Day Care will usually included:
  • A walk with you dog on a lead.
  • Playtime.
  • Lots of love and care.
  • Fresh water.
  • Feeding (if required).
  • Giving  medication (if required).
As always at Peace of Mind Pet Sitting we do our best to be flexible and accommodate your dogs requirements. We can also spend more time, just let us know your requirements.


At Peace of Mind Pet Sitting we offer a pet boarding experience where your dog can stay in the home of one of our carefully selected, dedicated carers. When your pet stays with a Peace of Mind Pet Sitting approved carer they get to go on holiday as well. You will be given the opportunity to meet the carer and see where your pet will be staying. Your dog will do his inspection as well and then be familiar with all the smells and settle into their holiday home much quicker.

Our carers are dog lovers and have met our strict guidelines. Some of our carers are retired, active people who miss having a dog of their own. Some are at home caring for children and would love a friendly dog to care for, exercise and be part of the family.


When your pet stays with a Peace of Mind Pet Sitting approved carer they are treated as one of the family with all the usual sights, sounds and smells of family life. Best of all they will go on lots of walks and receive lots of love, cuddles and the attention they deserve.

Your carer will follow your dogs existing daily routine of exercise, feeding and sleeping arrangements.

We have a comprehensive form for you to fill out as part of the process and ensures that your dog will be matched with a suitable carer.

Dogs need to be vaccinated, house trained and well socialised. Please note that bitches in season cannot be accommodated.