Louie with his obedience awards


Louie, my beloved orange and white Cocker Spaniel was born in 2010 and started obedience training when he was about 4 months old. The training started with learning to sit and walking on a lead,which Louie took to really well. Formal training doesn’t suit every family dog but Louie always loved it. The training gave him exposure to other puppies as well as their owners and really helped him become a very social dog.

When he was 2 years old Louie joined a dog display team and has been performing ever since. So far Louie has performed at  the New Forest Show, HMS Sultan, the Warsash fete , Wellington Country Park, the Netley Marsh Show and the Hedge End Carnival. The Solent District Dog Training Club strives to attain responsible dog ownership. The Club’s display team perform at events around Hampshire throughout the summer and raise money for CAMVET. To date they have raised a staggering £214,000 for this worthy cause.

CAMVET is a not-for-profit animal hospital helping thousands of animals every year. This small charity is dedicated to funding the essential equipment and facilities needed for diagnosing and treating the sick and injured animals referred for care.

Louie regularly takes part in the Dog Display Team and loves performing in front of the large crowds of people and dogs that are drawn to the display. He loves working with the team, both his four legged friends and two legged ones.

Louie has won awards every year since he started and can be seen here with some of them.

If you have any pets that has excelled in some area we would love to hear from you and see some photos.

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